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Brake Systems Services in Cleveland

Repair of the brake system of trucks is one of the most important and popular types of truck repair. The safety of all road users depends on the good condition of the brake system of any vehicle, and taking into account the dimensions and weight of trucks, its unexpected breakdown is especially dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to check and repair the brake system when the first signs of problems appear and make its diagnostics every 50 thousand kilometers.

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Signs that your brake system needs repair

Sometimes hidden malfunctions of the brake system can only be detected during routine diagnostics, but often an experienced driver may suspect that something is wrong. Warning signs indicating the need for diagnostics and repair of the brake system of a truck:

  • decreased sensitivity of the gas pedal;

  • the brake pedal fails, there is no resistance when it is pressed;

  • the braking distance increases;

  • when braking, the truck skids to the side;

  • the operation of the brake system is accompanied by extraneous, atypical sounds;

  • an error message appears on the dashboard.

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