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Clutch Systems Services in Cleveland

The clutch is one of the most loaded systems in trucks, it is subjected to especially intense loads when overcoming numerous ups and downs, and frequent gear changes. Therefore, the cargo clutch needs to be repaired quite often.

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When is transmission repair indicated?

Certain signs indicate that the gearbox in the truck needs to be repaired, and urgently. These should include:

  • Having difficulty shifting gears; There may be several reasons: excessive gear wear or failed control elements.

  • The presence of traces as a result of oil leakage on the box; Such spots indicate wear on the stuffing box or hinge housing.

  • Extraneous noise when shifting gears and moving the truck; In this case, you should check the condition of the synchronizers, check the amount of oil, and analyze how worn the gears are. Perhaps one of these parts should be fixed.

  • The transmission turns off randomly; This problem may be because cracks have occurred in the details of the mechanism or the gear teeth have worn out as a result of increased and permanent loads.

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