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Trailer Repairs Services in Cleveland

Trailer repair is one of the most popular and frequently ordered services because, under heavy loads, they are subject to a high degree of wear.

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Why is trailer repair so important?

The repair of a trailer or semi-trailer is preceded by diagnostics, an inspection of the frame and body, and checking of the chassis, brake system, suspension, electrics, and bridges.

The following signs indicate the need to hand over a trailer or semi-trailer for repair:

  • the balancing of trailed equipment is broken, which leads to a decrease in longitudinal stability;

  • the trailer or semi-trailer deviates fundamentally from the course of the tractor, it skids when cornering; when turning, there is a distinct creak of wheels and axles;

  • the brake system does not work, the breaking of the trailer and semi-trailer occurs with a delay;

  • the body received visible damage;

  • signal lights do not light up.

Repair of trailers and semi-trailers can be planned, associated with natural wear and tear, to which various components of this equipment are subject. Unscheduled repairs of cargo trailers and semi-trailers are normally carried out after traffic accidents. Another cause of damage may be non-compliance with the rules for placing, fastening, and transporting goods, especially oversized and dangerous ones. The floor and sides of the body are the first to suffer, frame cracks and damage to the axles are also possible due to uneven load distribution.

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